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12.03.2012 | Procedure for detection of carbendazim in citrus juices for Capel systems


Following recent changes of the regulations for the juice quality control in the Russian Federation the application engineers of LUMEX INSTRUMENTS have developed a measurement procedure for detection of low concentrations of carbendazim in orange and other citrus juices using a capillary electrophoresis system CAPEL ®-105M.

The method is intended for measuring concentrations of carbendazim from 0.01 mg/l (10 ppb), the details may be found in the application note.

Capillary electrophoresis method is well-known for determination of carbendazim and other fungicides in various products including citrus fruits and their products. The advantages of capillary electrophoresis method are:

  • High separation efficiency
  • Low analysis cost
  • Absence of an expensive chromatographic column
  • Short analysis time

The CAPEL®-105M CE systems may also be used for determination of other components that determines quality and safety of the juices, such as:

  • citric, tartaric, malic, lactic, and other organic acids;
  • D-isocitric acid;
  • fructose, glucose, and saccharose;
  • inorganic cations;
  • hesperidine and naringine;
  • benzoic and sorbic acids and their salts;
  • potassium acetosulphamate and saccharine;
  • synthetic food coloring agents.

The analytical procedures for determination of these components are certified and are successfully used at food testing laboratories in Russia, CIS, EU, and Latin American countries.