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14.06.2012 | The international workshop MEC-9 completed


The 9th International Mercury Emissions from Coal (MEC-9) experts' workshop was held in St. Petersburg 22 through 24 May 2012. Seventy experts representing utilities, governmental bodies, research institutes and commercial companies from 20 countries participated in this meeting.

Within the MEC-9 program, presentations were given on the problems of mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants, mercury emission sources inventory and assessment of the scope of the emissions for various countries and regions, mercury removal technology development, and mercury emission monitoring systems. Special attention was paid to the current status of national legislation for abatement of mercury release from coal combustion and preparing Global Convention on Mitigation of Mercury Emission in the Environment (it is scheduled for acceptance in 2013). The workshop was concluded with UNEP Coal Partnership meeting.



The following papers were presented by Lumex staff members involved in mercury monitoring R&D:
“Differential atomic absorption spectrometry with Zeeman effect as a universal technique for mercury analysis.”
“US EPA compliance monitoring at coal-fired power and cement producing plants.”
“Rapid revealing of mercury emission sources using automobile air mercury surveys.”

For more detailed Workshop presentations see  MEC9 website.

A group of the MEC-9 participants visited Lumex Head Office and laboratories after the Workshop to be acquainted with our expertise, achievements, and equipment for mercury analysis, as well as with a wide range of analytical instrumentation developed and manufactured at Lumex.

Lumex took part in the organization of the 9th MEC Workshop and its contribution to the success of this meeting was highly appreciated by Dr. Lesley L Sloss, MEC-9 Chair, in her below letter:

«29 May 2012
Dr Nikolai Mashyanov,
Head of International Department
Lumex-marketing LLC
70/2 Prospect Obuhovskoy Oborony,
192029 St. Petersburg

Dear Dr Mashyanov,
I write on behalf of the IEA Clean Coal Centre, an international collaborative project of governments and industry members now approaching 40 years of providing technical assessment and advice to our members and beyond.

My purpose in writing is to thank you for your most valuable contribution towards our Mercury Emissions from Coal Workshop – MEC9 held last week in St Petersburg.   This without doubt has been one of the most successful meetings ever.  With your help we enabled networking between some 70 scientists from 20 countries, including Brazil, Korea, Slovenia and Australia.  All of our delegates have returned home with important new information and contacts in the field of mercury research and the knowledge that Russia has a thriving and innovative research community.  And I am also certain that they thoroughly enjoyed their city tour and vodka tasting!

The success of this meeting is largely due to the work and commitment shown by yourself and your staff at Lumex.

Yours sincerely

Dr Lesley L Sloss
Chair – MEC»