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01.08.2012 | Light-915 - new mercury analyser in the Lumex product line


Lumex Instruments Group of Companies is happy to introduce the new product in the family of our mercury analyzers. Portable Zeeman mercury analyzer Light-915 is a new instrument for workplace monitoring and emergency response to mercury spills and spill clean-up verification.

 Light-915 Mercury Analyzer

This portable (with the weight of only 3kg) instrument has low detection limit down to 0.1μg/m3 combined with highest selectivity and wide measurement range. Fully automated performance verification test and automatic zero check make operation really easy.

The instrument employs atomic absorption spectrometry with Zeeman correction and provides direct interference-free measurements, which is a distinctive feature of all the Lumex mercury analyzers.

Light-915 ensures real-time measurement of mercury concentration displaying concentration every second. The instrument is equpped with a datalogger and provides USB and Bluetooth® interfaces for remote control and data transfer.

Lumex Instrument Group of companies is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation and one of the leading suppliers of solutions for all kinds of problems related to mercury monitoring, more information may be found in the Products section of our web-site