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26.04.2013 | Mercury as a Global Pollutant: Lumex at 11th ICMGP Conference


The 11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 28 through August 2, 2013.

The conference is the main international forum for the discussion of the problems related to negative impact of mercury on ecosystems, environment and humans. The 11th ICMGP gathers around 1000 experts for scientific conference and exhibition.

As it is noted, the ICMGP in 2013 will be of particular public importance as this will be the year of the launch of the United Nations Environment Programme Global Legally Binding Treaty on Mercury.

Traditionally, for many years, Lumex participates in the ICMGP conferences, and at the conference in Edinburgh our leading experts will present our advances and applications of Zeeman AAS mercury analyzers and monitors, for example: air, stack gas and waste water monitoring, direct analyses of samples with complex matrices, enhancement of the technology for continuous DGM determination:

  • GMOS Project: Background Air Mercury Monitoring at Listvyanka Station, Siberia. N. Mashyanov, P. Pitirimov, T. Khodzher, V. Obolkin.
  • U.S. EPA Compliance Mercury Monitoring at Coal-Fired Power, Cement producing Plants, and Industrial Boilers. J. Siperstein, J.E. Wright, V. Schmid, N. Mashyanov, S. Sholupov, V. Senichenkov.
  • Direct AAS determination of the mercury concentration in crude oil and oil products. Shashko S. Pogarev, V. Ryzhov, N. Mashyanov, S. Sholupov, P. Spitz, G.X. Hakki.
  • Mercury Monitors for Industrial Applications Based on AA Spectrometry with Zeeman Effect. S. Sholupov, N. Mashyanov, V. Ryzhov, S. Pogarev, P. Pitirimov, J. Siperstein.
  • Optimization of measurement technique for automated DGM determination in water. N. Mashyanov, S. Sholupov, S. Pogarev, V. Ryzhov, F. Fornai, F. Bartaloni, G. Saviozzi, C. Laschi, P. Dario.

At our booth you will see our most recent achievements in developing Zeeman-effect-based AAS instrumentation: portable, laboratory, on-line mercury analyzers and monitors, sorbent trap toolkit, and on-site real-time CEMs. Lumex’s leading experts will be glad to see you there and answer any questions you might have about our products.

More information may be found on the website of the conference